GT®-Air filter systems

The right air filter system for every application!

Process air

GT® air filtration systems for light & heavy air pollution from oil, emulsion and general coolants in manufacturing processes

GT® air filtration units are used wherever employees need to be protected from hazardous substances in the form of gases, vapors, mists and fumes generated in manufacturing processes. These include areas such as machining, forming, grinding and heat treatment.

Hall air

GT® air filtration systems for year-round optimal, clean and tempered hall air in production halls

Modular all-in-one complete system combining ventilation, heating, economical cooling, hall air purification and heat recovery. Specially developed for the requirements of production plants to ensure optimal temperatures for people and machines. Sustainable, powerful and economical!

Room air

GT® air filtration systems for a healthy indoor climate without pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, spores, dust and smoke

GT® room air purifier can be used in many ways, e.g. in schools, kindergartens, offices, restaurants, medical practices and protect what is dear to us: children, students, customers, patients, guests, employees. But also products, material and electronics are protected from pollutants such as dust and pollen with our air filter device.


07.02.2022 Optimally clean and tempered hall air all year round

Our GTI air professionals spent three days at our technology partner Infranorm in Austria for training purposes in the field of “Sustainable Hall Conditioning”. SHC is a new holistic system design that enables optimal, clean and tempered hall air in production halls all year round.

28.12.2021 All fresh air for the Markelfingen daycare center.

The device is about the size of a refrigerator and offers around 10 square meters of filter surface inside. The device is barely audible, despite a maximum output of up to 1,000 cubic meters of air cleaned of viruses and other contaminants. The Engen-based company “GTI” (Glob Tec Industriemaschinen GmbH) of Karl Beising …

20.12.2021 Delivery of the first indoor air purifiers for the city of Engen

The city of Engen has also decided to use our GT room air cleaners. One of the decisive factors was certainly the personal consultation on site as well as an installation/device recommendation by our room air professionals. The first GT 10APS room air cleaners were delivered at the end of 2021, so they have now been in operation for some time and are running smoothly. So far, we have received only positive feedback from the city, which of course makes us very happy.

Dreh- & Spantage, 20-22 October 2021

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