Extraction systems for oil smoke, emulsion + oil mist

GT® air filtration units for light and heavy air pollution from oil, emulsions and general coolant.

The quality of a product is directly related to the quality of the workplace. Knowing that one’s health is protected in the workplace increases satisfaction. Downtime decreases, productivity increases, and product quality improves and is assured.

Innovative air filtration equipment for permanently effective exhaust air filtration

Filtering devices have to meet multi-layered requirements in the manufacturing process. It’s all about process reliability, product quality and workplace safety. Tailored to the specific features, the manufacturing technologies used and the individual operating environment. In terms of design, function and performance, the innovative GT® air filtration units – GT® Light and GT® Heavy – stand for permanently effective and economical exhaust air filtration. Virtually maintenance-free and with guaranteed separation performance in space and time.

Areas of application of the GT® air filter units

All industries that release hazardous substances in the form of gases, vapors, mists and fumes in manufacturing processes that cannot be avoided due to the nature of the process. These include machining, forming, grinding and heat treatment.

Good air in the plant is important.
Clean air even more.