Exhaust station for cleaning agent

GT®-Solvent Cleaner for a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly cleaning and decreasing of your products.

The exhaust station protects employees and hall air from high levels of pollution from harmful volatile hydro carbons (VOC) by separating them with activated carbon.


  • Simple parts cleaning by feeding the medium through a barrel pump and cleaning brush
  • Different concepts of medium management:
    – only one barrel for clean and dirty medium
    – two different barrels, one for clean and one for dirty medium
    – only one barrel for dirty medium
  • Ergonomic work place with foldable safety pane
    (VSG) and LED lighting
  • Control of medium feeding and ventilation performance by
    foot pedal
  • Long lifetime due to high active carbon volume
  • Exhaust intensity individually adjustable
  • Simple and safe barrel exchange due to integrated roller

Separation degree depends on medium, used active carbon, flow velocity and saturation of the active carbon.

Good air in the company is important.
Clean air even more.